Pieces of People

Live ensemble performance | 2002

Pieces of People was a cluster of people who occupied the grounds of Henry Moore’s former house and factory at Perry Green, Much Hadham, the site of the Foundation and sculpture park dedicated to his work. They formed temporary, often momentary, dynamic formations in contrast to the fixed, persistent sculpture. The structures are interwoven with the environment. The work blurred a distinction between objects and events.  The performers ran for cover, lurked in the bushes, hid, stared back at the spectators, as well as formed relatively coherent masses of varying density and stability out in the open. The work relates to another outside performance Here and There and led to various versions of Flock and Possum. Generally the performers appearred at a distance, but there were interactive strategies that governed a simple response to evade spectators.

Performed by: Robert Allwood, Samantha Bell, Sarah Buist, Claire Blundell Jones, Heather Burton, Christina Frank, Rachel Gomme, Eduardo G. Guttierres, Tariq Husein, Marianne Hyatt, Katherine Hymers, Julia Keller, Philip Lee, Sally Marie, Ingrid Pollard, Valentin Ratchev, Valery Renay, Daniel Vais, Martha Wildman and Claire Wright.

Pieces of People was assisted by Bia Oliveira for Artsadmin.
General management was by Nicky Childs for Artsadmin.

It was commissioned by David Thorp, Contemporary Projects for the Henry Moore Foundation.

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