Here and There



ensemble live performance | 2002

Here and There was was designed in response to the extraordinary house and formal gardens at Serralves. It was performed by an international group of young artists as part of a residency with the arts organisation Mugatxoan. The audience/spectators walked through the grounds, saw the performers in the distance amongst the trees or partially glimpsed them as they interacted with each other or responded to features in the garden before thy continued the performance in the house. There were distinct phases triggered within the group. They formed a cohesive unit that was often scattered and partially hidden.

The performers hid against trees, lay spread-eagled on the lawn or leant against the flowerbeds and hedges – activating different features of the place  – They hid against the spectators themselves, leaning on them or ducking down and burying their faces in their chests. There was a sense of panic as the last performer found a hiding place. The loose structure of the group worked in contrast to the formal architecture of the grounds.

Mugatxoan Festival, Fundacao Serralves, Oporto, Portugal. Rehearsals began at Arteleku, San Sebastian, Spain and moved to the site of the house and gardens at the Fundacao Serralves, Oporto, Portugal, 2002.

Performed by: Belen Jimenez, Colette Sadler, Desault Kim Lien, Edurne Rubio, Guillerme Lima, Ixone Sadaba Fernandez, Joana Mateus, Joclecio Azevedo, Larraitz Torres, Leticia Munoz Maria, Maria Jerez, Marta Gomes de Basa, Nadia Snock, Nerea Hernandez, Nuria de Ulibarri, Vera Santos.

The festival was organised by Blanca Calvo and Ion Munduate.