Stuff (Take) Version 2

solo performance | 1993

Although it has the same name as Version 1, it is a different piece with the same theme. 

The audience sits on the balcony surrounding a large empty hall. They look down on a performer who is talking aloud, but not to them. He is describing various theatrical events that go wrong. The fictional audience in the account mutates and become increasingly bizarre. The performer creates an alternative body image. 

(For further development of this idea, see Robin Hood: the Stuff)

Curated by Brian Catling & Susan Brind, Breathing Form, Ruskin School of Drawing, Town Hall, Oxford, 1993

“The works are truly live in that they seem to have an independent viral life of hectic complexity. Stuff was a Russian doll of changing viewpoints, each individually encrusted with humour and perception.'”
Breathing Form Catalogue, Brian Catling