Robin Hood: the Stuff


audio work for radio | 1998

Duration 52 minutes

A voice is describing a landscape. A disembodied arm hacks through undergrowth. The voice  identifies itself as a figure in a picture. It decides that he must be Robin Hood. Characters from the adventures of Robin Hood appear but instead of a story unfolding, we are emersed in a strange world with a peculiar logic. The residue of the narrative serve as an environment. Sounds are truncated and signal action rather than create an atmosphere. The construct lives and dies.

Played as an audio work at the Nash Room, ICA, London and with subtitled text at Artium, Vitoria-Gastei, Basque Country, Spain. 

Performed by Brian Lipson. Sound design by Graeme Miller. Commissioned by Now98 NowFM. Produced by Nicky Childs, Artsadmin.

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