live performance | 2007

Duration approximately 60 minutes

The performers seem blind to their obvious differences, indeterminate and lacking autonomy. Aliens that look human, who want to fit in by acting like everyone else. They copy each other as best they can. The three performers try to do everything together. If one fails then he or she is cast out. There is a show of leaving the stage while the other two celebrate with a verbal exchange in which they agree, repeating their previous statements, but embellishing them a little. They risk slight modifications so that the exchange seems conversational. It is interrupted by the return of the third and the cycle repeats again with different combinations and variations. Copying the copy leads to escalation and exaggeration. They pick up on behavioural cues and grasp at clichéd phrases to build up a repertoire of communal expressions. It is a cyclical pattern rather than a narrative and ends with a faltering attempt by all three to sit still.

Originally performed by Gary Stevens, Julian Maynard Smith (Station House Opera) and Amanda Hadingue (Stan’s Café). 2009 tour dates were performed by Gary Stevens, Julian Maynard Smith and Wendy Houstoun.

Commissioned by Artsadmin.

Previous performances

  • Toynbee Studios, Artsadmin, LONDON, 2006
  • British Council Showcase, EDINBURGH Festival
  • Theatre 140, BRUSSLES
  • Universities and theatres across Tunisia
  • Molten States, GSK Contemporary, Royal Academy of Arts, LONDON
  • A range of galleries, theatres, art centres and performance festivals in the UK and USA, 2009

Photos by Hugo Glendinning and Georgina Carless.