A Chain of Events Called Bob

solo scripted performance | 2007

A simple action is broken up into separate stages: getting out of a chair, pouring and drinking a glass of wine, eating a handful of peanuts and sitting back down. Each position, such as leaning back in the chair or gripping its arms while leaning forward, is given a different name. Every definite movement becomes a discrete identity, each stage of the journey is given a name that the performer declares and can play backwards and forwards. A conversation takes place between the characters defined by their position. Like a strip of film where the illusion of continuous action is made up of a series of still images, the performer is put together and taken apart.

Dilston Grove, LONDON, 2007 (Double bill with Corali Dance Company)
Brown Mountain College Festival, Slade Research Centre, Woburn Square, UCL, London, 2008 

Photos by Frances Scott and Mel Brimfield