Thought Bubble

live performance | 2006

The performers stand in isolation and speak one side of a conversation. They pause as if listening to a question and then respond aloud. They talk while moving as if the speech provided a sense of continuity. They are intermittently animated: silent when they are still and talking when they are moving. They approach different partners and scrutinise the other faces while mirroring their expressions. Both partners blurt out a description of a particular object as if suddenly remembering it. They speak simultaneously at one another, trying to anticipate what the other is saying until they are repeating the same thing. The two competing descriptions collapse into one to produce a third idea.

Thought Bubble was a live performance, which was the culmination of a one week workshop as part of the Whitstable Biennale in 2006. It was held at the Whitstable Umbrella Hall and then again at the Sea Cadet’s Hall.

The performers were: Erin Crowe, Phoebe Davies, Geoff Hore-Fazen, Didi Lin, Frog Morris and Jeanine Woollard.