live ensemble performance | 2014

Duration approximately 30 minutes

The performance was a response to the research in conversational analysis conducted at Loughborough University, where interactions are broken down and transcribed. Four performers piece together the opening scene from a Laurel and Hardy short film, Hogwild. They rehearse and demonstrate the action and speech in close detail.They learn from each other, correcting and refining each part as they practice the gestures and manner of the delivery. The performers play all the parts as well as describing the placement of furniture and the position of the people in the scene on the empty stage. There is no reference to the source material or the iconic characters during the performance.

Originally performed as Mislay at the Leonard Dixon Studio Theatre, Radar, Loughborough University Arts.

Performed by: Paul Bush, Cindy Oswin, Julian Maynard Smith and Gary Stevens.

Programmed by Nick Slater for Radar.

Produced by Nicky Childs, Artsadmin.