If the Cap Fits

live scripted performance | 1985

Duration approximately 90 minutes

The performers rehearse two incompatible accounts of their relationship with one another. They are caught, like naughty children, dressing up in someone else’s clothes. The man puts on more trousers while the woman puts on more skirts. Their bodies are transformed. The performers’ bodies and their garments conflate giving an accidental impression that they are both geriatric and infantile.

Much of the performance is about the theatrical experience itself, the excitement, the pleasure, the fear and possible embarrassment. The audience becomes part of the unstable fiction with the performers describing the audience’s thoughts and responses.

The performers reappear after is an interval as if they had continued the process of putting on more and more clothing. The convention of an interval becomes an issue and there is a discussion of how much time has passed.

The performers are engulfed in clothing and try to represent themselves  with empty beer bottles placed on a small, slanting table to represent the stage. The bottles immediately slide off onto the floor.

Performed by Gary Stevens and Caroline Wilkinson.

Assisted by Caroline Evans

Costumes by Caroline Evans and Georgina Carless.

Previous performances
  • Acme Studios, LONDON
  • Faculty of Art and Design, CARDIFF
  • Goldsmith’s School of Art, LONDON
  • Southampton Art Gallery, SOUTHAMPTON
  • ICA Theatre, LONDON
  • Trent Poly, NOTTINGHAM
  • Medway College of Design, ROCHESTER
  • St. Botolph’s church, Aldgate, LONDON
  • Chapter Art Centre, CARDIFF
  • Kettle’s Yard, CAMBRIDGE
  • St. Martin’s School of Art, LONDON
  • Whitechapel Art Gallery, LONDON
  • Castle Museum, NOTTINGHAM
  • Assembly Rooms, EDINBURGH
  • Third Eye Centre, GLASGOW
  • The Leadmill, SHEFFIELD
  • Arnolfini, BRISTOL
  • St. Donat’s Arts Centre, South Wales
  • Town Hall Studios, SWINDON
  • Prema, Gloucestershire
  • SYDNEY Biennale, Australia
  • Praxis, PERTH, Australia, 1988
  • The British Are Coming festival, Denmark tour
  • Mickery Theatre, AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, 1989

“..the two protagonists interweave fiction and reality, flickering in and out of character, as the inanimate objects around them become invested with lives of their own… mesmerising, fascinating, highly original and deeply funny…” 
Western Mail