Conversations with my Voice

Conversations with my Voice explores the sounds and memories that return to a singer during a live performance. It is a conversation with her inner voice which is represented by a prerecorded nasendoscopy projected video image of her vocal folds – a virtual screen character in interactive engagement with her in performance.

The conversation between the real and the virtual is about the conflicting positions of singing within particular stylistic contexts – Jazz – Opera – Pop – What is real what is acted? What is serious? What is funny?

Choreography: Yael Flexer and the dancers

Dancers: George Adams, Luke Birch, Aya Kobayashi, KJ Lawson, Hannah Martin, Lyndsey McConville, Yael Flexer

Text: Wendy Houstoun. Dramaturgy: Gary Stevens. Digital projection & engineering: Nic Sandiland.

Music: Karni Postel and Dougie Evans
. Music Production: Dougie Evans and Bruno Grife
Lighting Design: Michael Mannion. Costume Design: Holly Murray

Technical Manager: Chris Copland

Producers: Joe Bates & Claire Morton, Morton Bates Arts Services

Project Management: Ellie Baker, Morton Bates Arts Services

Photography: Chris Nash